Getting and Keeping a Job During and After Drug Rehab

Individuals who suffer from drug addiction are victims. Hence, they should still be given equal opportunity for employment. One topic not discussed often when talking about the subject of drug rehab Brisbane has now deals with the employment opportunities for people who have gone to rehab. Is it possible for someone who has had a history of drug addiction and went into rehab to still be able to get employed?
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Drug Rehab and Employment
According to labor statistics, 76% of people who have suffered from (or is currently suffering from) substance abuse have employment. A huge percentage of these do not get treatment, though, in fear that they will be discriminated and fired from their jobs. While the idea of avoiding Brisbane drug rehab programs is to protect their career, these people do not realize that they are actually hurting their career in the process. The social stigma with drug addiction is something that a lot of people who are victims of substance abuse suffer from. This is why social support from parents and loved ones are important. Without this, people who suffer from substance abuse will never get the help they need. In turn, they are also further damaging their chances of not only securing their current job, but also future employment opportunities.
Before Entering Into Rehab
If you are considering drug rehab programs Brisbane has today, you need to take a step back. Look into your addiction and try to understand how it is affecting your current performance at your job. Are you neglecting your work responsibilities due to your drug abuse? Is it causing a rift in your relationship with your boss or co-workers? Are you missing work because of your drug addiction? If you said yes to all of these questions, then it is no question: you need treatment from drug rehab Brisbane has to offer!
Before you take any action, you need to educate yourself about your rights under the labor act. Each state or city might have different policies in terms of handling employment and drug addiction. Therefore, it is important to know your rights beforehand. You can then negotiate with your employer about how you can both move forward with you entering rehab and your position being vacated. It also pays to review your company’s  drug policy, if any. You can follow these guidelines when negotiating with your boss about your options.
During Rehab
Once you decide to enter the rehab, you can ask your employer to keep the matter confidential. It is also a good idea to have the program facilitator or any member of your family provide frequent updates to your employer about the status of your treatment. This is one way to reassure your employer that you are recovering from your drug addiction. It will be important for your employer to determine if you are still fit for the position you have vacated once you complete treatment.
On your end, you need to do your best to make your treatment a success. Different factors can come into play when you enter a facility for drug rehab Brisbane has to offer. However, use your goal to return to work healthier and happier as a motivation to do your best. Learn more by visiting

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